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Best Rated Employee Onboarding Software for Small Businesses

Experience Easy, Cost-Saving Onboarding with Connect & Simplify

It’s no secret a positive onboarding experience significantly increases employee engagement, productivity & retention rates and establishes clear expectations while integrating employees into the company culture. You want to make sure your employees are set up with a strong foundation for a smooth transition into their workflow at your small business. If only onboarding wasn’t so time-consuming!

The Benefit Companies, through Connect & Simplify, offers an easy-to-use employee onboarding software solution. Powered by our technology partner UKG, onboarding your new employees is now not only easier to manage but sets a lasting first impression.

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Onboarding Software With Real People and Real Support 

At Connect & Simplify, we handle ALL the details of onboarding your new hires in one simple, cloud-based portal to put all the paperwork, tax forms, training and benefits information your new hires need at your fingertips and theirs without the hassle, headaches and lost time. 

Partnering with Connect & Simplify means providing your employees with a straightforward path to success, eliminating confusion and gray areas and taking the weight of onboarding off yourself and your managers. You’ll get access to helpful customer service from real humans anytime you need us, giving you more time to check important tasks off your own to-do list.

make onboarding easy for new employees with Connect & Simplify

5 Reasons to Choose Connect & Simplify’s Onboarding Software for Your Small Business

Connect & Simplify’s HR management team learns your unique business, and you’ll get focused support to streamline your onboarding operations for each employee’s specific role. We help you: 

#1: Save Time with Our Streamlined Onboarding Portal

Once you give your employees a quick orientation to our easy-to-use portal, they can access their to-do list, documents, training, benefits and handbook all in one place on any device. 

Result: Less hand-holding and fewer phone calls and emails to field during your busy day. 


#2: Save Money with Our Organized & Intuitive Approach

With Connect & Simplify, you can upload all documents, training videos and instructions into the portal with auto-filled information personalized and ready-to-go for each employee. You’ll get notified when forms are viewed, started and completed so you can get employees up, running and making money for your business. Best of all? Everything is in one place so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of tax information and employee documents.

Result: Your administrative HR processes are automated at the touch of a button, eliminating the need to pay someone to facilitate the tasks for you. Your new hires have more autonomy to complete tasks sooner and transition into their roles faster. 


#3: Make Onboarding Easy & Personalized for Employees 

When employees sign their contract, you can have a welcome letter, company resources and clear instructions for their start date ready to go. You can set the tone automatically so employees can get a feel for company culture, expectations and due dates before their first day. 

Result: Your employees will feel welcomed, included and informed before they begin work, fostering a better relationship and more investment in your company right from the start. 


#4: Stay Compliant with Our Document Timeline and Storage Systems

With Connect & Simplify, you get complete customization and control over deadlines for e-verify, tax forms, handbook acknowledgments and field-specific forms for licensing, privacy agreements, sensitive authorizations and more. 

Result: Our timeline tracking for document signatures, cloud-based storage for important documents and personalized customer service to help you keep afloat let you breathe easy knowing your employees are fully compliant with company, state and federal regulations- all with minimal effort on your part. 


#5: Comprehensive Learning Center and Course Catalog

Connect & Simplify lets you upload training videos and link 3rd party resources right in your employee’s portal. 

Result: No chasing around and having your employees waste time digging through emails to find links from HR. Videos specifically geared toward individual roles are all right there for your employees to watch, and they can browse your course catalog to easily find more relevant information to increase their proficiency and keep learning new skills.

Connect & Simplify is Your Small Business Onboarding Solution

Make your first impression on your new employees with love with Connect & Simplify’s all-in-one onboarding software. With our seamless integration and convenient customization options, your employees will have a more efficient and meaningful start while you save time, energy, and resources. Contact us today to make onboarding a breeze.

The Benefit Companies through Connect & Simplify makes the employee onboarding process easier for small businesses nationwide and throughout Wisconsin including in Brookfield, Milwaukee, Plymouth, Sheboygan, Waukesha, and beyond.