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Millennials in the Workplace?

How to engage your millennial employees

Let’s think about this, by 2025 Baby Boomers will only take up about 7.5% of the working population leaving the remaining primarily to GenX and Millennials. I am sure we all have heard or even said negative things about millennials in the workforce. “Millennials have no work ethic”. “Millennials are lazy”. “All they care about is technology”. Being a millennial I find those comments to prove not true. I am a millennial who has been working since I was 15 years old, making my own money because my parents didn’t have a lot, I wanted to keep up with all of the fashion trends and the latest technology.

Speaking of technology?

Millennials have a huge advantage when it comes to technology. Millennials have a different attitude toward change because we were brought into technology as we grew up, learning to adapt and become savvy as the world transitions from the new world to an even newer world. We have been adapting to changes in technology at a rapid pace. The fact of the matter is that computerization is taking over exponentially. Any single task that is being performed by a human will, if it has not already, become computerized or automated. Let’s face it, if your application process takes more than 10 minutes they may not even bother to apply if right from the get-go your company's application listing or website is “like so 1990”.

So, give millennials what they want!

Millennials want to use the skills they have acquired in life and put them to good use. Having the technology to support them from hire to retire will nurture the skills they already have. Millennials are asking for systems and platforms that are transparent, flexible, and most of all, systems that integrate data seamlessly, allowing more time to focus on larger goals and allowing for more productivity in YOUR workplace. Let us help you attract your next CEO’s and CFO’s.

Our Human Capital Management System can help you keep up with the ever-changing new world. With highly adaptable cloud-based technology we will keep those millennials engaged and you focusing on the way forward for your company.

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About The Author —

Stephanie Hanson is The Business Relationship Liaison on behalf of The Benefit Companies and Connect & Simplify. She has a strong background in Customer Service, Retail Banking and Management.

In her downtime, she loves to perform karaoke on the weekends. Spend time with family and friends camping and anything outdoors all while staying up to date with all the fashion and makeup trends of course.