Succession Planning




Succession Planning

Does your business grind to a halt to backfill key EE’s?

Promote progress from within with succession planning with the one-stop solution for all HCM needs.

Plan for successors better by building succession profiles across your most crucial positions and jobs.

Create metrics to help proactively flag and identify succession planning actions that may have to be taken.

Manage active succession plans and drill into EE succession paths and see their potential successors.

Then monitor and react to EE perspectives to increase job satisfaction and overall retention.

Easily identify a replacement to fill the role when the time comes to backfill a position.

Make succession plans a reality by promoting the successor and getting back to the business of your business.

Always be ready with succession planning from anywhere on any device.

Expand the power of succession planning with our other solutions, all part of a single platform, and let us take the stress out of HCM so you can focus on what matters most to you.