Time Labor Management

Time Labor Management




Time & Labor Management Solutions

Are your labor costs out of control?

We can get you back on track with a one stop solution for all HCM needs.

It starts with setting labor law compliant company profiles and policies.

Then use EE self-service to accurately collect time and labor data from a variety of sources and learn to manage in the moment by reacting to data in real-time to put EE’s in the right place at the right time.

Modernize operations and customize workflows to simplify time and job tracking, scheduling, time-off management and much more all while gaining deeper insights into labor trends and spending across locations, departments, jobs and tasks.

Keep an eye on your bottom line with notifications for overtime and automated alerts to control labor costs.

Accessible from any device at any time makes time, attendance and workforce management easier than ever before.

Expand the power of Time & Attendance with our other solutions, all part of a single platform and let us take the stress out of HCM so you can focus on what matters most to you.