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HR Automation Software for HVAC & Plumbing Companies

HR automation software for HVAC and plumbing businesses

All-In-One Payroll, HR & HCM

When running an HVAC and plumbing company, there’s little time to chase down employees about their time cards and keep track of endless paperwork. You deserve a streamlined solution for managing paychecks, taxes, paperwork and compliance to save time and reduce unnecessary expenses. Connect & Simplify offers intuitive digital payroll, HR and time-tracking systems to organize and simplify employee management. 

When you’re ready for easy-to-use HR and payroll solutions, Switch to Connect & Simplify. 

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HR automation software for HVAC and plumbing businesses

Automate Essential HVAC & Plumbing Time Keeping Functions

Forget shuffling through stacks of time cards and spending time you already don’t have following up with your employees to make sure they get paid. With our mobile time clock for plumbers and HVAC contractors, your employees clock in and out digitally in real-time and submit their own time off requests so you have less to manage.

Connect & Simplify gives you and your employees one-touch digital access to shifting details and schedule changes, increasing employee accountability and creating clear communication.

Two big perks of working with Connect & Simplify? No more timecard discrepancies or tax headaches - our software keeps your company’s most critical information securely in one place. 


Payroll Management Features

Connect & Simplify is your all-in-one payroll solution. We make tasks you once dreaded a breeze. Our payroll software takes care of: 

  • Paycheck generation
  • Direct deposits 
  • W2 reporting 
  • 1099s 
  • 401(k) match calculations 
  • Tax payment & filing 
  • Workers’ compensation audit reports
  • And more 

Need some help getting started or navigating features along the way? Connect & Simplify pairs you with a real person who answers your questions so you don’t have to deal with automated support. Give us a call anytime you need us!

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Integrated HR Functions Scale With Your Business

Connect & Simplify gives you a dedicated HR professional and software to process and store paperwork, manage compliance and get strategic advice for employee training and retention. You’ll even get low-maintenance solutions for managing hiring assessments, background screenings and performance evaluations. 

HR Management Features

Connect & Simplify’s HR features let you: 

  • Upload training videos and monitor employee engagement
  • Track tasks your employees have opened, started, signed and completed
  • Keep track of compliance documents
  • Evaluate employee performance
  • Manage succession plans 

Maximize Employee Service & Retention with HCM Solutions

Improve employee engagement with Connect & Simplify’s HCM solutions, designed with your company’s retention and growth plans in mind. Our cloud-based software makes choosing and managing benefits easier than ever. We even take care of onboarding to make your employees feel welcomed, organized and informed. Choose Connect & Simplify to streamline your: 

  • Talent Acquisition 
  • Performance Analysis
  • Employee Onboarding
  • New Hire Training
  • Labor Planning
  • Budgeting & Scheduling
  • Benefits Management
  • Workers’ compensation 

Improve Profitability with Connect & Simplify

Connect & Simplify makes handling payroll, scheduling, HR and time tracking easy, giving you your time and energy back. Experience the freedom of going digital and let go of daunting piles of paperwork. Call Connect & Simplify today to set your HVAC and plumbing business on the path to success.