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All-In-One Payroll Software for Manufacturing Companies

Small business payroll & hr company for manufacturing companies

Streamline HR & Payroll Tasks With Connect & Simplify

Embrace the future of a streamlined payroll software for your manufacturing company with Connect & Simplify through The Benefit Companies. Our intuitive, all-in-one platform is tailored to meet the unique needs of manufacturing companies, saving you time and resources while we take care of paychecks, W-2s, insurance, benefits and compliance for you. Enjoy custom reporting and guaranteed state, local and federal guideline compliance with Connect & Simplify. 

At The Benefit Companies, we have a payroll service that adapts to the unique needs of your business and small businesses nationwide. Get started with a FREE consultation or learn more about us.

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Small business payroll & hr company for manufacturing companies
streamline insurance, benefits, training and documents streamline insurance, benefits, training and documents streamline insurance, benefits, training and documents streamline insurance, benefits, training and documents streamline insurance, benefits, training and documents streamline insurance, benefits, training and documents streamline insurance, benefits, training and documents streamline insurance, benefits, training and documents

Spend More Time Growing - With Integrated Payroll & HR

Connect & Simplify helps manufacturing companies solve unique and complex challenges related to employee payroll, human resource management, time and attendance, benefits plans and more. And our industry-leading team of subject matter experts specializes in understanding your manufacturing company inside and out. We match your goals with how you work to create personalized solutions that make your manufacturing operations run smoothly from hiring and onboarding to paychecks, time tracking, benefits, taxes and more. 

Simplify rules and regulations and make sure everyone gets paid correctly, all while keeping your most critical documents secure in a single cloud-based solution. Let us make your life easier so you can focus on growing your manufacturing company and retaining happy employees without the added stress of paperwork, HR tasks and compliance.

Manage Manufacturing Payroll Demands

Improve employee engagement and avoid paycheck disasters with Connect & Simplify's seamless paycheck, W-2, benefits and insurance management to make sure your employees get paid the right amount on time, every time. Our cloud-based system makes it easy for you to maintain IRS compliance and stay on top of union requirements to avoid fines and employee frustration. Our dedicated HR team even streamlines onboarding to make your employees feel welcomed, organized and informed.

Payroll & HR Features for Manufacturing Clients

  • Track employee time and attendance and create streamlined schedules for uninterrupted production
  • Hold your employees accountable for requesting time off, keeping track of electronic documents and completing training in their online portal
  • Communicate productivity goals and safety notices to staff
  • Streamline HR onboarding and keep track of all employee documents in one easy-to-use portal
  • Save confusion, stress and resources with automated time and pay tracking
  • Upload training videos with the touch of a button and monitor employee engagement
  • Leave time-consuming HR tasks like dealing with union requirements and tax regulations to us
  • Improve cashflow from workers' comp payments through pay-as-you-go workers comp

Gone are the days of wasting time dealing with elusive call centers. At Connect & Simplify, we’re people here to make a real difference in your company’s payroll, benefits and HR flow. Get organized and save time and money with our easy-to-use, single sign-on cloud-based software you and your employees can access on any device anytime. Experience what faster, more efficient, error-free payroll & HR management with transparent billing and 5-star service can do for your manufacturing company. Call Connect & Simplify today!


See How We Simplify Your Payroll

Improve Employee Morale With Simplified Payroll & HR Portal

Happier employees lead to a better reputation for your manufacturing company. Forget spending hours fixing inaccurate paychecks or dealing with angry employees due to confusion over benefits, union regulations, insurance and documentation. Connect & Simplify's integrated payroll system will make your employees feel welcomed and informed from day one, with available viewing access to documents, tax forms, pay stubs, time off, benefits and more in an easy-to-use portal.

Intuitive Manufacturing HCM Software Optimizes Your Workforce

Improve business operations with available human capital management software and consulting. Fill production floor openings with talent acquisition solutions that help you find the right people. Optimize employee productivity with workforce management tools that increase production and employee satisfaction.

Take advantage of all available HCM solutions for your business:

  • Coaching & consulting
  • Training & development
  • Strategy development 
  • Regulations & compliance
  • Hiring assessments, background screenings
  • Performance evaluation & management 
  • Succession planning & promotion 
  • Business financial planning 

Why Choose Connect & Simplify?

  • All-in-one payroll and HR software powered by UKG
  • 5-star rated support from subject matter experts
  • Error-free, regulations-compliant paychecks
  • Cloud-based, single-sign-on platform

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