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All-in-One Painting Contractor Software

painting contractor software for accurate time tracking and payroll

Streamline Payroll, HR & Time Tracking Tasks

When you’re running a painting business, few things are more frustrating than feeling like you’re in the dark about how long your painters worked. As a business owner, you deserve to know where your money is going so you can save where you can. With Connect & Simplify, you get easy-to-use digital payroll, HR and time-tracking solutions to streamline your employee management system and stay effortlessly organized.

If you’ve had enough of chasing down employees and shuffling through questionable time cards, switch to intuitive, no-fuss time tracking with Connect & Simplify.

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painting contractor software for accurate time tracking and payroll

Ditch Paper Time Cards for Cloud-Based Mobile Time Tracking

If you’re still operating with paper time cards, you can bet you’re losing profit. Put an end to the guesswork and loose sheets of paper. Connect & Simplify’s all-in-one digital hub stores time and attendance tracking, payroll and HR, employee schedules and more in the Cloud for easy access anytime.

  • Time card discrepancies become a nightmare of the past
  • Your employees get paid accurately
  • YOU stop losing money

Mobile Time Clock and Payroll Management Features for Painters

Our mobile time clock for painters involves your employees in scheduling and lets them submit their time-off requests so you have less to manage. It gives you and your employees digital access to shift details and schedule changes, creating accountability and clear communication. With our system, your employees clock in and out digitally in real-time, eliminating uncomfortable “I think I started at X time” conversations and inaccurate, best-guess pay.

Need some help getting started or navigating features along the way? Connect & Simplify pairs you with a real person who answers your questions so you don’t have to deal with automated support. Give us a call anytime you need us!

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Streamline HR Functions With Software Scaled to Your Needs

Connect & Simplify gives you access to a dedicated HR professional and software to process and store paperwork, manage compliance and get strategic advice for employee training and retention. You’ll even have streamlined solutions for hiring assessments, background screenings and performance evaluations. 

Whether you love the idea of a small business or you have big plans to expand, Connect & Simplify’s HR solutions grow with you to align with your unique business goals. 

Integrate All Payroll Functions for Your Painting Business

Connect & Simplify is your all-in-one solution for automating payroll, scheduling, staying on top of compliance and managing critical paperwork. Whatever you need for your business, we’re here to make it easy. Our payroll software features include: 

  • Paycheck generator 
  • Direct deposits 
  • W-2 reporting 
  • 1099s 
  • 401(k) match calculations 
  • Tax payment & filing 
  • Workers’ compensation audit reports
  • And more 

Become More Profitable with Connect & Simplify

Connect & Simplify removes the burden of dealing with payroll, scheduling, HR and time tracking, giving you more time to focus on the aspects of your business you love the most. Experience the freedom of going digital and let the stress of managing piles of paper fade away. Call Connect & Simplify today to get streamlined solutions designed to make your painting business a success.