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Small Business Payroll Software

Best User-Friendly Solution for 1-100 Employees

Running a small business is a time-consuming task. The last thing you should be stressing about is handling your employee payroll. Skip the hassle and insource a payroll software with subject matter experts who help handle all the details.

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small business payroll software

Why Automate Your Payroll?

Automating payroll is a must for small businesses who want to grow and expand their employee base. Automation completes all essential payroll functions faster, more accurate, and compliant with tax regulations. This not only saves time and reduces errors, but also allows business owners to concentrate on other essential aspects of company growth.

Benefits of Automating Small Business Payroll

  • Time & Cost Savings: reduces the time and resources dedicated to manual processing, enhancing efficiency and allowing for strategic resource allocation. 
  • Improved Accuracy: eliminates human errors in payroll calculations, ensuring precision, boosting employee trust, and mitigating compliance risks.
  • Improved Tax Compliance: stay current with tax regulations, reducing the risk of non-compliance and penalties.
  • Encrypted Data: Data encryption ensures the security and confidentiality of sensitive data.

Check out our full guide to payroll automation.

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Payroll Software Features for Small Businesses

Connect & Simplify is powered by a single sign-on, cloud-based custom solution built by UKG, the industry leader in payroll software for HR management. Our software helps prevent payroll errors, pay your employees on time, and manage other complex functions including payroll tax filings and reporting. Connect & Simplify seamlessly integrates functions of payroll, human resources, and human capital management under a single umbrella without the need for other vendors.

Our solution is easy to use and includes alerts for errors or special case payroll changes. You can manage and edit employee details on the fly when changes arise. Data-driven decisions have never been easier.

Full Payroll Software Capabilities

Paycheck Processing

Automate processing employee paychecks and run payroll in minutes from anywhere. Connect & Simplify helps you create the perfect paycheck each time with no traditional pre-process required. Receive alerts throughout processing to flag issues and reduce errors. Using real-time calculations, our payroll software helps you deliver accurate employee paychecks the first time, every time.

W-2 Management With Tax Filing

Produce employee W-2s and handle payroll taxes while staying compliant. Includes W-2 reporting functionality with added customization. Connect & Simplify will calculate your payroll taxes and file them with the state and federal government - so you don’t have to.

Error-Free Insurance, 401(k), & Garnishment Deductions Processing

Automate employee paycheck deductions for taxes, insurance, and 401(k)’s. Accurate time synchronizations and benefit deduction updates reduce compliance risks. Calculate wage garnishments and process payments with ease.

Accurate Payroll Reports With Customization

Run over 100 standard reports from an extensive library with ease. Our software allows you the capability to customize reports to see the information you care about. Monitor inflows and outflows with ease under an all-inclusive dashboard.

Available reports:

  • Payroll register
  • Labor distribution
  • General ledger
  • & more
  • State new hires
  • W-2s
  • Workers' compensation audits

Special Case Payroll Including 1099 Contractors

Accurately handle payroll for 1099 employees with Connect & Simplify. With our all-in-one payroll and HR software, you can conveniently track payments, offer employee self-service, and automate end-of-year 1099 tax filings. And your account representative can provide tailored support and answer any questions along the way.

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Small Business Administration Beyond Just Payroll

Connect & Simplify is more than your run-of-the-mill payroll solution. Our all-in-one solution combines payroll, HR, HCM, employee benefits, time labor management, business insurance, financial planning, and workers’ compensation under one roof. No additional vendor required. Get a FREE consultation from one of our small business experts today.

Integrated Business Administration Capabilities

Human Resources

Automate HR processes and stay organized with our human resource management solution. Connect & Simplify helps you manage the full hiring process, handle company policies and procedures, oversee employee training, keep tabs on employee performance evaluations, and more. See our full human resource services.

Employee Benefits Plans

Offer custom benefits packages for your employees with our benefits services. Roll out plans for health insurance, flexible spending accounts, retirement, welfare, voluntary benefits, and more. Learn more about creating benefits plans for your small business.

Human Capital Management Solutions

Get access to high-level functions of human capital management for your small business including talent acquisition, workforce management, workforce optimization, and more. See the full HCM software capabilities.

Time & Attendance Tracking

Use a dedicated time management software powered by UKG that improves employee time tracking while saving your small business time and money. Connect & Simplify’s time and attendance solutions help you improve productivity, track and control labor costs, manage schedules, and more.

Pay-As-You-Go Workers’ Compensation Support

Protect your business and your employees without the big hits to your budget with pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation support. Make smaller, more frequent workers’ compensation payments instead of lump sum payments. Learn more about available workers’ compensation insurance plans with Connect & Simplify.

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Connect & Simplify provides small business payroll software to companies nationwide and across Wisconsin, including out of Brookfield, Milwaukee, Plymouth, Sheboygan, Waukesha, Manitowoc, Madison, Green Bay, Appleton, Oshkosh, Kenosha, and beyond.

Small Business Payroll Software Frequently Asked Questions

Yes and no. While you could do your own payroll for your small business you must be aware of the legal requirements and responsibilities of doing so. Complying with state and federal laws and regulations can be a full-time job. If handled poorly you could be on the hook for costly penalties from the IRS. Take the sure option and partner with a payroll automation solution like Connect & Simplify that combines software and subject matter experts for the benefit of your business.

The best way to do small business payroll is to outsource to professionals. While you may pay more for the service, it’s often worth it in the time saved filing payroll and worrying about compliance issues. Outsourcing offloads these responsibilities to a trusted provider with the experience to tackle any added challenges.

QuickBooks can be a helpful solution for small businesses looking to process payroll. We’ve found, however, that as you grow its capabilities become limited for your growing business. Connect & Simplify’s payroll software is built to scale up when your small business scales up. And our account representatives are with you every step of the way to provide support when you need it.