Effective Employee Benefits Communication Channels

7 Effective Employee Benefit Communication Channels

Having done hundreds of employee benefits meetings over my career, I’ve learned that there is no one way to effectively communicate benefits to employees. We’ve all held the meeting where some people are engaged, others seem to be off in a different place and still, others just look flat out confused.

People best take in information from different formats and from different channels. So what are some of your options?

  • In-person meetings are the traditional method of communicating benefits. Handouts are often used as well as some kind of media presentation. This is a good time to show the face of the company and discuss the changes for the upcoming year.
  • One-on-one availability is one way to help those who want to ask personal questions or were afraid to ask a question in front of the group. Signup sheets for personal meetings can be used. In addition, I’ve found that making myself available right after an in-person meeting can be effective.
  • Videos are a great medium to use for those that are visual learners, those who couldn’t attend the original meeting or those who would like to watch it with a spouse. When embedded in an online benefits enrollment system, videos are extremely effective.
  • Podcasts work well for those who learn best by listening. Employees can listen to the podcast when it’s best for them and can share them with those who are helping them make benefits decisions.
  • Posters and fliers are great at announcing meetings, benefit changes, and meeting dates. Seldom are they used alone but they can be used to create interest in upcoming enrollment events.
  • Intranet connections can help disseminate information, allow people to ask questions, and serve as a sort of faq. Podcasts, videos, and taped in-person meetings can also be pushed out on the intranet.
  • Online enrollment systems, like the one in our Connect & Simplify HCM platform, can incorporate many of the above channels to really streamline the process and give employees the best opportunity to understand their benefit plans and options. In addition, this system can be used all year long as new employees become eligible for benefits.

Make your job easier by using one or more of the above communication methods. Don’t have the resources or the time? That’s where your agent should be stepping up!

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