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Changing HCM Platforms

Under Pressure or is it an opportunity to make a change?

What does the massive hit song from 1981 Under Pressure have to do with a company losing a key employee to retirement? Let’s see…

The band Queen and David Bowie teamed up for one of the most recognizable songs in music history.

Check out these lyrics:

'Pressure, pushing down on me

Pressing down on you, no man ask for'

How does that relate to one of your top people retiring or taking another gig?

It can be massive pressure on an organization when a tenured employee that knows everything leaves. Who’s going to do the work? Who knows this process? Does anyone know how that works? Finding a replacement is impossible because no one can do what they did. That’s Pressure.

I suggest you use this opportunity to make a change. BTW Changes by David Bowie, a great 70’s song that fits this discussion.

We have found that when an employee leaves you lose a ton of experience and talent but this is also a great time to get efficient and upgrade your technology.

Instead of trying to replace the star employee our clients upgraded to our HCM platform including HR, TLM, and payroll. By removing the manual and paper processes, the redundant processes, and getting efficient the company thrived.

Here are 5 things you gain by upgrading to our HCM platform.

  1. Employees want technology, not paper or manual processes, and easily adjust to the system
  2. Getting efficient reduces costs across the company
  3. Our tech partner UKG continues to develop and improve our offerings for our clients
  4. Real-time reporting makes audits and decision making easy
  5. Our massive boatload of experienced teammates and their knowledge base at your fingertips

Listen, you are running a business and don’t have time to learn and get proficient at all the things that a retiring employee used to do for you.

Hire a team of subject matter consultants and the best technology in the industry to replace that employee. We got ya!

Feeling Under Pressure is normal. Making Changes is the solution. Let us help you handle the pressure and make a change for the better.

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