5 ways to engage new hires in Wisconsin

Culture – Are you attracting new hires that fit?

Engaging new hires made easy

30 Years since Jim and I first planned and had to cancel our trip to Fiji! It’s been on my bucket list ever since! Fiji was worth the wait!!! Bula! The only Fijian word you need to know...

Denarau Island, Fiji 2020 (8,908 km from Los Angeles / 5,535 miles)

Fini was our jet boat driver for our Sigatoka River Safari. We were departing from our jetty at Nakaracia on the way to a remote village 2½ hours away for lunch and a Kava Ceremony with the local chief. Our destination had no electricity, no running water, no chairs but we were in for a flavorful lunch while seated on floor mats.

As we traveled up the river we realized just how remote our journey was. Wild horses and stray cows wading in the river to cool off from the heat. Fijians doing their laundry in the river who smiled broadly and waved as our boat rooster-tailed by.

Fini was prepared. She informed us about the village’s traditions and routines. Before we disembarked, all the women were given sulus (similar to sarongs) to cover up. She brought along our tribute (payment) to the Chief and Kava root which was thrashed into our Kava juice for our ceremony.

Culture          Culture          Culture

We needed to assimilate smoothly into their culture. Not much different from a new hire wanting to learn about your office culture.

How do you introduce your culture to new hires and new hires to a new environment? How much information do you share so they can assimilate/blend in before their 1st day on the job?

5 Ways Connect & Simplify™ makes engaging new hires easy –

An HCM system that grants administrators flexibility to custom-tailor information that new hires view helps engage them before their very 1st day.

  1. A PRE-BOARDING PORTAL allows them to learn about your culture and work environment
  2. A PRE-BOARDING CHECKLIST helps save HR time on their 1st day by showing new hires the forms they need to complete
  3. BENEFIT ENROLLMENT allows them to select their benefits and what levels they need
  4. EMPLOYEE HANDBOOKS show them what’s acceptable behavior and what’s not
  5. DRESS CODE helps them determine appropriate office attire

All of the above engage new hires and welcome them to your company. It exposes them to your company culture, much like our jet boat safari in Fiji exposed us to local village culture. An added plus is the time it saves your HR team with the employee on their 1st day of work.


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