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Manufacturing - Bring Balance Back to Life and Work

How a Human Capital Management Platform Improves Productivity

There is a big theme in today’s modern world of work-life balance but that is so much easier said than done. What if we changed the thought process to life-work flexibility? The ability to better manage life and work and plan ahead. To be able to make changes to a schedule due to an unexpected event that we all know happens in our crazy busy lives.

These past few years with the pandemic has shown us that life and work are never an equal game. We now know that in order to attract and retain the best employees we need to adapt to change. In manufacturing specifically, there needs to be flexibility and adaptability. As an organization, we need to be invested in our employees and their priorities.

In the manufacturing world, one of the biggest issues we hear about is the outdated software and technology for reporting, scheduling, human resources and time and attendance. This is where having the best tech in the game crafted specifically for your corporation and your employees can fix the complexities you are experiencing. Combining systems built by people will help employees and businesses connect. Promoting effectiveness and productivity makes them feel they have a purpose and belonging. The Benefit Companies' human capital management service Connect & Simplify does exactly this!

A day and life of a manufacturing employee


Having a quick breakfast, chatting with the family and checking the schedule for the week. Planning your day so that you are productive once you enter the workforce. Checking production demands, shift availability or which cost center you will be running for the day.


Get into work and clock in using either a time clock, PC, or personal device.


15-minute water break the employee gets a message from a spouse asking if they can request off in a few weeks for a long weekend to go camping with the whole family. The employee is able to log in from their own device and check the PTO availability for those specific dates. The employee can simply submit the request and it goes straight the manager’s desk for review and approval.


Employee punches out for lunch using the time clock by the break room. Finishing lunch early and tries to clock back in but their employer has made a rule in the system that the employee must take a full 30 minutes.


Clocks back in once 30 minutes is up and gets right back to work.


The second break of the day gets a text from a friend about a change in plans for their bowling tournament but it conflicts with an upcoming shift. The employee simply logs in on their own device to swap shifts with another colleague. Minutes later the swap is approved.


The employee receives a notification that he has a performance metric for the day. This shows productivity and efficiency throughout the day. It helps the employee know where they are doing well and where they need to improve.


The work day is coming to a close but before the employee leaves, they receive a survey on the mobile app asking for them to provide honest employee feedback. In addition, he sees reminders for new procedures and company policies. The employee clocks out and heads to their bowling tournament.

This employee has been given many opportunities to choose their own personal preferences inside and outside of work. They were able to plan ahead knowing they had the flexibility and the tools in place to do so and when something came up that was important the accommodations were right at their fingertips. They also started a conversation about the progress they are making in their career. We cannot ignore the fact that if another corporation is supplying the right resources, providing the flexibility and modern technology these dedicated employees will seek out what they are looking for, life-work flexibility.

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About The Author —

Stephanie Hanson is The Business Relationship Liaison on behalf of The Benefit Companies and Connect & Simplify. She has a strong background in Customer Service, Retail Banking and Management.

In her downtime, she loves to perform karaoke on the weekends. Spend time with family and friends camping and anything outdoors all while staying up to date with all the fashion and makeup trends of course.

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