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Don’t Be Afraid of Change

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Everyone reaches that point within their career where they ask their self “where do I see myself in 10 years?” Whether that is moving into a leadership role, becoming the CEO, running your own business or even retiring, at some point in order to grow within yourself, grow within your company and best of all grow financially you have to make a CHANGE!

We understand that making the decision to own and run your own business, to begin with, is risky, in and of itself. That being said, making any changes can be pretty scary. So let me ask you this:

Where do you see your business in 10 years?

It is pertinent that your business stays ahead of change. Change is needed for progression in any aspect of life and if you don’t focus on change your competitors will. There is change all around us but when it comes down to making a change for ourselves we back out or push it off for months and never get around to it. I mean you don’t still have your old vintage candle stick telephone, do you? No, of course not. Not when we have iPhone 65’s coming out with six cameras built into them. That’s a stretch I know, but you get it! I have even heard business owners say “We are fine, we have hundreds of employees”. The number of employees you have does not adequately gauge the strength of your business. Even if you have six employees you can be totally efficient alongside the best technology in the industry. Why? Because computers don’t call in sick or complain. Technology will never stop increasing and will continue to improve and become more efficient. Eventually, the old disparate systems that are currently being used will not keep up and will not be compatible with other applications. At this point, everyone will be forced to upgrade or change systems.

Take the first step

Taking the very first step is always the hardest! Start with us! Not only will you have a team of subject matter experts to guide you along the way but our solution Connect and simplify is backed by industry-leading technology that automates your Human Capital Management processes, getting you efficient and making you and your business more productive. We are your personal Sherpa’s, showing you the way, suggesting the best options that suit you, your employees and your business’s needs. Right here in Brookfield, WI all in one house. Make the leap, we will be here for you!

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Stephanie Hanson is The Business Relationship Liaison on behalf of The Benefit Companies and Connect & Simplify. She has a strong background in Customer Service, Consumer and Business Banking and Management.

In her downtime she loves to perform karaoke, spend time with family and friends, camping and anything outdoors all while staying up to date with all the latest fashion and makeup trends of course.