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payroll for non-profits with remote employees made easy

Remote workers are common, but Asia?

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It was a typical dreary, start-of-spring afternoon when I received the payroll inquiry from Douglas.

Doug’s company was a small non-profit who had been consulting with other companies to set up after-school programs for children in their local area.

Doug and his co-founder (based in MA) were ready to spread their wings and take their program national throughout the US.

Doug knew they needed Payroll, Business Insurance and Workers' Compensation insurance. And in order to attract and retain quality talent, an employee benefits program.

I became a little hesitant when I discovered the person who would be the payroll administrator was a contract worker, stationed in Asia (16.5 hours ahead of Wisconsin time).

And to complicate things even further, this worker would be going on maternity leave about 8 months after their 1st payroll date.

I was thinking:

  • Would they have their payroll information submitted in time to us so their employees would get their direct deposits on payday?
  • Who would take over payroll during her maternity leave?
  • What is our backup plan in case of any payroll day emergencies? Who do we call?

Connect & Simplify™ is the difference

All valid concerns, but as it turned out, all were inconsequential. Doug’s company was very organized and had procedures in place to avoid any of these potential pitfalls.

While we got their payroll up and running, one of our health teams was busy setting Doug's company up with the following benefits:

  • Section 125 POP Plan (which allows them to take health deductions pre-tax vs post-tax)
  • Group health plan

At the same time, our commercial team was busy setting Doug’s company up with commercial insurance and workers' compensation insurance.

  • General liability
  • D&O (Directors and Officers Insurance)
  • Pay-As-You-Go Workers' Compensation (Premiums are deducted after each payroll), since they would be using our payroll service

Connect & Simplify™ allowed our client to concentrate on growing their business nationwide across the U.S., while we took care of their back office tasks: paying employees, monitoring employee benefits eligibility and enrolling employees in their group health plan. Connect & Simplify™ also ensured the business, its officers, directors, and employees were protected. Let us help your business get your payroll and business administration tasks done right.

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About The Author —

Barb Schnoll is a Subject Matter Consultant in Payroll, Time Labor Management, HR, and HCM systems. Her prior history also includes many years of business-to-business consulting, sales, implementation, and training in technology. She has seen payroll evolve from writing checks, paying taxes, and producing W2s to a full-fledged, cloud-based HCM system offering mobile access from smartphones to employees and new hires.

In her spare time, she loves traveling, motorcycling, and new this summer, discovering the endless trails of UTVs.

She has represented The Benefit Companies for 20 years.

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